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Our mission is to bring to you the finest in Hair Transplant Technology & Artistic Design, along with the Highest Levels of Patient Care & Service.

BHR Clinic has a dedicated medical team who utilise a combination of their worldwide Hair Transplant experience and innate artistic ability to produce natural hair line designs and provide men and woman in advanced stages of hair loss with a natural coverage and density.

BHR Clinic are devoted to ensuring you receive the best advice, care and attention. Your wellbeing and achieving the most natural result possible are of paramount importance to us, all in a professional and friendly environment.To continue our belief of transparency, you can see our pricing structures for both FUE and FUT techniques here.

A Hair Transplant is the movement of hair from the sides and back of your scalp to the recipient area on the top. This is achievable due to the fact that even a man who suffers from Advanced Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) will always keep a band of hair around the sides. This genetic trait allows us to remove some of this hair without it losing the genetic properties and therefore it will continue to grow for your entire life time.

Dr Christian Bisanga & BHR Clinic are situated in Brussels Europe and are recognised as world leaders in the technically difficult FUE Technique and likewise the Strip Surgery Technique. BHR have the ability to perform sessions of 6000 grafts in one day, the largest to date in Europe; utilising both hair transplant procedures BHR have consistently produced high quality results enhancing the life and happiness of our patients.

An important aspect of choosing your doctor is the knowledge and confidence you have and receive; research is therefore vital to you understanding and becoming “hair educated” before you decide. It is also important to understand a Hair Transplant is not a cure and hair loss can be progressive. Understanding your hair loss stage will ensure you reach a realistic goal and help to plan for the future.

The FUE Technique procedure requires the doctor to be highly skilled and dedicated as each Follicular Unit (FU) is removed individually; this combined with a skilled extraction pattern and Dr Bisanga’s punch technique can not only achieve high density hair lines but also leave minimal to non visible signs that hair has been removed from the donor area or that a hair transplant has indeed been performed. This combined with dense packing, artistic design, temple point reconstruction and being able to “cherry pick” hair calibre for hair line work make FUE an excellent choice for the right candidate.

Strip Surgery or FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) allows a patient to move a large number of grafts or follicular units in one day. Dr Bisanga has been using and has refined the Tricophytic Closure method for some years and this allows a patient to keep their hair shorter than before, as the skill is being able to promote hair to grow back through the closure line. Strip Surgery is a good option for those with a high Norwood Scale hair loss and wish to restore their hair with the minimum of procedures.

Repair Procedures have become a speciality of Dr Bisanga, having performed many of the most demanding cases possible. When a patient has undergone previous poor treatment it is not just the physical but mental scars that are left, making them delicate and complicated to perform.

It is important that clear priorities are made to ensure the greatest cosmetic improvement. It should also be understood that frequently a full repair cannot be achieved in one pass and therefore multiple procedures may be required to reach the final goal.

FUE & FUT can be combined and this is especially useful with repair procedures to maximise a patient’s donor hair potential as well as move the maximum number of hair in one session.

At BHR Clinic, Dr Bisanga & the Medical Team dedicate themselves to both Hair Transplant Techniques, and are indeed one of the few clinics in the world to specialise in both with optimum quality and the highest standards. Your decision is important, not only for today but for the rest of your life! BHR recognise this and will always listen to your needs and work to achieve your long term happiness.




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